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Beacon East Broker and organise a wide range of exciting professional development opportunities for teachers, lecturers, advisers and other education professionals. CPD largely fouses on events and opportunities to spend quality time with business & industry.

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Beacon East broker and organise a wide range of exciting CPD (Continuous Professional Development) opportunities for teachers, careers advisers and other education professionals. This professional development largely focuses on events or individual placements with business & industry. These activities support a range of needs, from curriculum development to improving careers provision.

This form of CPD has been a highly successful aspect of Beacon East work over the last 10 to 15 years. In many cases a teacher visit has helped plan and form a following student experience. Resources received at a teacher CPD event will often be used with students in the classroom. Students may then visit the employer to experience the sector first hand. This three-tiered approach is an excellent way to form a long term and meaningful relationship with a local employer.

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Benefits to teachers & educational professionals

  • Invaluable industry linked case studies and resources to enhance and enliven curriculum provision.
  • Improve careers knowledge and routes into training and employment.
  • Plan and develop student activities such as work experience, student visits…
  • Improve knowledge of 'world of work' and, in doing so, transfer key business knowledge skills through teaching.
  • Improve knowledge & understanding of he skills and attitudes required of young people.
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of apprenticeship & training opportunities with business & industry.
  • Update knowledge & understanding of LMI (Labour Market Information) across sectors.
  • Support the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) agenda.
  • Support Work Related Learning and Enterprise provision.
  • Develop management skills through partnership work with business & industry.
  • Support the Gatsby framework for outstanding careers.
key benefits

Benefits to business & industry

  • Promote the wealth and variety of opportunities available to young people.
  • 'Influence the influencers' in schools & colleges. 
  • Communicate correct LMI to the education sector.
  • Support careers provision in schools & colleges.
  • Develop meaningful long-term relationships and plan ‘follow on’ activities such as work experience, student visits, curriculum resources, mentoring...
  • Address any skills shortages or recruitment issues i.e. make sure the correct messages are getting through to the schools & colleges.
  • Promote exciting apprenticeship & training opportunities.
  • Breakdown any misconceptions or stereotypical images across sectors.
  • Gain a greater understanding of how the education system works and consequently the needs of local schools & colleges.
  • Support the professional development of employees of companies who choose support teacher CPD programmes.
  • Support the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of companies who choose support teacher CPD programmes.
key benefits

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What people are saying

"CPD events organsied by Beacon East are always relevant and fascinating experiences. Over the years, opportunities to visit social care settings have allowed me to develop case studeis and new resources for our KS 4 and 5 Health & Social Care courses. It has also provided invaluable CPD for myself on the socail care sector."


"As a Careers Adviser it is vital I attend as much CPD as I can. Beacon East CPD events with industry have been an integral part of this. I have attended many events over the years across numeorus sectors. They are always incredibly useful and often lots of fun!"


"This form of CPD provides our sector with a meaningful way to communicate with education. It really helps industry make sure the right messages are getting through to young people who might be interested in a career in engineering. It has also been a great form of CPD for our younger employees who get involoved in Beacon East events."


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